Successful Influencer Marketing in 3 Easy Steps


Who are your influencers? You might follow author and content marketing guru Ann Handley for career advice. Or perhaps you turn to Bri Emery, founder of the lifestyle blog DesignLoveFest for the latest in home decor, travel, and style. Maybe your feed is packed with updates from athletes like Venus Williams. These are all influencers and you’ve probably noticed them taking part in influencer marketing.

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You encounter influencer marketing every day. Maybe it’s an Instagram post of Venus Williams touting her favorite dog treats. Or perhaps you see it when Ann Handley retweets a blog post that’s not her own or shares a post she wrote for another organization.

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If you’re a marketer, you probably notice these “subtle” strategies sneaking into your newsfeed. More than likely, you also see them sneaking into your marketing strategy. Sure, you might want to die a little every time your boss asks you to “do more influencer marketing.” But you probably also understand it’s a valuable part of marketing that’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

Influencer marketing can be a little daunting in the beginning. But let’s be honest, if YumYum Puppy can get an endorsement from Venus Williams, you can reach out to your local micro-influencers for a quick chat.

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With an increasing number of emails, LinkedIn messages, and Twitter DMs piling up in influencer’s inboxes, how do you set yourself apart? With Digital Asset Management (DAM), of course! Below are three ways DAM helps with influencer marketing.

1. Smooth Outreach

The first rule of influencer marketing? Make your pitch short and efficient. When I say “efficient,” I mean don’t give them the history of your brand, five links to different landing pages, or 10 mentions of your … well, media mentions …

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Prepare a simple introduction and link to your DAM. This allows your influencer to learn as much or as little about your organization as he or she would like. It also prevents against the inevitable word vomit that follows when you’re trying to cover all your bases.

2. Professional First Impression

Providing a single link to your DAM ensures a professional first impression. Sending potential partner influencers to an easy-to-access DAM that houses your logos, press mentions, company history, mission statement, products, etc., in one organized, searchable interface is a great way to show those influencers what you’re like to work with and who your company is.

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By providing a professional first impression, you’ll also build authority with your influencer. Whether you’re Under Armour trying to build a relationship with Michael Phelps (congrats, you did it!) or YumYumPuppy reaching out to Venus Williams, you’ll show your contact you’re an organized company that believes in keeping things simple, beautiful, and transparent.

3. Easy Access (and an Easy Repeat Relationship)

By giving your influencer one easy link to access your brand assets, you’ve made the rest of the relationship a piece of cake! They can return to your DAM for approved product images to share on social media, correct language with which to speak about your brand, and examples of past partnerships.

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With certain DAMs, you can even track which assets your influencers are accessing (and when), to make sure they’re holding up their end of the bargain and representing your brand in the correct way.

This also opens the door for another endorsement, mention, or share from your influencer. They have access to everything they need, so reaching out again is a breeze for both parties.

Be the YumYum Puppy in Your Industry

Influencer marketing is as much about marketing your brand to influencers as it is about influencers marketing your brand. Make sure your outreach is efficient, your first impression, professional, and your relationship open and easy. With a bit of luck thrown in, you’ll have Venus on your side in no time.

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