How to Supercharge Your Mobile Strategy with DAM


“But how does it render on mobile?” Chances are, if you’ve been in a marketing meeting recently, someone has asked this question. It might make you want to punch a (insert cute woodland animal of your choice here), but having a mobile strategy has never been more important.

A recent Salesforce survey shows 70% of marketers claiming that mobile is at the heart of their strategy, and an eMarketer study shows US mobile ad spend increased 50% in 2015 and should be closer to 72% by 2019. Plainly put, if you’re a marketing team in 2017, you need to have a mobile strategy.

This can seem like an overwhelming task, but we know a secret. What is it? It’s that a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform can make your mobile strategy come together a helluva lot easier, and we’re breaking down how exactly it does that below.

4 Ways DAM Can Revolutionize Your Mobile Marketing

1. Ad Sizes

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, banner ads, push notifications … isn’t it nice that you just need one ad size for all of these platforms and use cases? I’m just kidding, building different creative for all of your ads is a pain, and keeping track of the finished collateral is enough to make an already overworked marketer crawl under her desk with a bottle of wine and no shame.

The right DAM platform will give that morose marketer her shame back, which is bad for the morning after her wine binge, but good for her overall career growth and productivity. Easily search your DAM for that lifestyle image you need (without having to troll an internal server that’s bogged down with those gifs Dan from Sales thinks are so funny), convert it to the size and file type you need without ever leaving the platform, and download it for immediate use. Sound easy? It is.

2. Multiple Vendors/Agencies

If your approach to a mobile strategy is “let the agency handle it,” I get that. But guess what, DAM can help there too. Instead of sending them the creative they need to coordinate your mobile ad campaigns or build your snazzy new app, send them a link to your DAM and let them find what they need, when they need it.

Because, after all, you’re paying that agency to give you back time you can’t spare, so why are you spending just as much time answering email requests for your latest logo when you could send them right to the source with a single link. Don’t want to give them access to everything in your DAM? You can adjust their access to certain “Collections” (Brandfolder’s fancy and more efficient answer to file folders) and set their access to expire at a certain date.

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Do you work with partners or vendors who need access to your mobile-ready materials? The same principles apply. Spend more time out of your inbox and more time getting work done with DAM. You can also monitor who’s accessing what assets, so you can see if your external partners are using last year’s Black Friday creative instead of this year’s.

3. Video Storage, Formatting, & Sharing

If there’s one buzzword you’re hearing more than “mobile,” I’m betting it’s “video.” But how do you keep track of and format the correct lengths for all of your channels? Whether you’re clipping a video down to 15 seconds for Instagram, 30 seconds for Facebook, or a full 90 seconds for YouTube, the right DAM can handle that for you. Upload your full-length video and use your DAM to clip length, store channel videos, add watermarks, and even create gifs for Dan.

Let’s be honest, video is going to become an increasingly important part of your content marketing strategy, and it’s already one of the best tactics for mobile marketing (46% of all video plays in Q4 of 2015 were on mobile devices). Let your DAM do the heavy lifting in video management, and make sure you’re always ready to blast content that will reach your mobile audience.

4. Internal Organization & Storage

You’ve probably also got a user funnel and charted out strategy doc lost somewhere on your G-Drive. Make sure the right people have access to those foundational documents by storing them in your DAM.

Whether you work with an agency or an internal group of mobile engineers who sit on the opposite side of your building, make sure that everyone has access to the information and assets they need at any time of the day. Because we’ve all experienced the dreaded email you get from a coworker at 4:59 P.M. on a Friday asking for a doc you know is buried in the underworld of your email inbox (don’t worry, I usually ignore them until Monday morning too).

Create a Collection just for your beloved mobile engineers and make sure all of the assets they need are uploaded from the onset of their project. That way, nothing gets lost, everything is tagged, and you can even include instructions on how each asset should be used. Do you hear that? It’s the sound of synergy!

Supercharge Your Mobile Strategy

As mobile grows, your marketing strategy will have to grow with it. With DAM, that doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Get started today and supercharge your mobile strategy with a free quote from Brandfolder.

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