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If you haven’t heard of Slack by now, people may start referring to you as the person that’s “been living under a rock for the past 3 years,” because the giant tech company has taken over the communication space in big ways. In fact, it didn’t take long before the productivity tool turned itself into a $3.8 billion company, making their mark as one of the fastest growing tech companies of all time.

Slack + Brandfolder = A More Productive Team, A More Productive Brand

So what do Slack and Brandfolder have in common? As a leader in the digital asset management space, we’re constantly trying to improve our platform for our customers and users. And because Brandfolder shares some of the same values as Slack, such as productivity, ease-of-use, and a seamless work experiences, it only made sense for us to team up together and build an integration between the two platforms.

Whether it’s tracking which assets are being used or diving into the analytics of your assets, the Brandfolder for Slack integration will change the way you do DAM. It’s an integration that was all made possible by leveraging Slack’s existing infrastructure to create Event Feed and Brandbot.

Map My Fitness sharing logos through Slack

Slack integration installation in Brandfolder

You can get a closer look at the full set of features by downloading our latest eBook titled Brandfolder for Slack: The Efficient Way to do Digital Asset Management. The handy eBook goes deeper into the functionality of the integration, highlighting best practices and tips to get you started. It also covers why Slack choose Brandfolder as their Digital Asset Management solution. It’s all in this eBook, download it for free here!

Did we mention that Slack chose Brandfolder to power their digital assets?

Several factors contributed to Slack’s ridiculous success, but one area in particular separated themselves from the rest of the pack: they created a killer brand. And for the purpose of this article, we’ll focus on their ability to manage their most valuable brand assets.

As Slack continued to grow, they quickly understood the importance of creating a powerful brand presence. In order to do so, they sought a simple yet robust platform where they could easily store, share, and distribute their brand assets while maintaining consistency. Enter Brandfolder. After searching for the right DAM platform, Slack landed on Brandfolder for its easy-to-use, strikingly-visual capabilities. Slack’s implementation of a DAM platform, has helped them keep their brand on point and visually elegant.

Slack's Brandfolder

Regardless of how large or small your brand, Brandfolder provides one source of truth for all of your digital assets. If you’d like to learn more about getting set-up with the world’s most powerfully simple digital asset management solution, request a quote today.

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