Why DAM is Critical to Crisis Management


No company is exempt from a crisis. Fortune 1000 brands are just as likely to experience public relations disasters as nonprofit organizations. If you provide services, sell products or have employees, there’s a chance for things to go wrong.

While there’s no foolproof way to prevent a crisis, there is plenty that you can do to mitigate potential damage to your brand. Effective crisis management requires proper planning, seamless communication and instant access to the most current information as it develops.

That’s why Brandfolder’s Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a powerful tool for controlling a crisis and restoring your company’s reputation. Let’s dig into just a few of the most useful features and how they can help you recover from a disaster.

DAM allows seamless updates

The importance of organized communication during a crisis can’t be overstated. Unfortunately, it’s a serious challenge to ensure consistency across numerous websites and social properties.

For example, non-profits with hundreds of local chapters could take weeks to update each website with media statements, new brand messaging, or other information about the organization’s crisis. Digital asset management allows you to store these crucial files in one place.

Smart CDN from Brandfolder was created for this purpose. It allows you to update the size, file type or attachment shown from your embed link with the exact specifications you need, without having to download the altered file or edit it in third-party software. And when you update the source in Brandfolder, all linking files will automatically be refreshed across your digital landscape. This empowers non-developers to update content across several digital properties from an intuitive user interface. 

The secret to successful crisis management is staying in control of your brand’s narrative. That means ensuring the right people have access to the right information at the right time — and nobody else does.

Staying up-to-date during a crisis

When a bad situation explodes into the public spotlight, nothing is as critical as information. Your company will be inundated with media inquiries and you’ll need to share hundreds of documents with countless stakeholders across multiple departments. It’s critical that your most sensitive information is secure, up-to-date, and easily discoverable. You’ll also need to know who has access to what, and if they’ve read the latest version.

Document security

During a crisis, you’ll be sharing highly sensitive information with many different people. Perhaps your legal team is conducting an investigation that requires statements from managers, or your PR department is collaborating with executives to draft public statements. These documents may need to be viewed and edited by multiple stakeholders, and it’s absolutely critical that they remain secure. Brandfolder ensures that they are with flexible access levels, user permission roles and privacy settings.

It’s not just about internal security. You might also be working with external investigators, law enforcement, government officials and outside legal teams that need to send your company sensitive documents. Rather than sending unsecure email attachments that could get lost, accidentally forwarded, shared in a group thread, or leaked to the media, Brandfolder’s DAM service offers a secure guest upload feature. That means only key stakeholders will have access to the most vital documents about your crisis.

You can also add users, change their functionality, or lock them out entirely. This can be a crucial feature if key employees with access to sensitive information leave the company during the crisis.

Where you want it when you need it

The problem with crises is that they are chaotic and disorganized. Information is being discovered and shared at breakneck speeds over emails, texts, chats, and voicemails. Finding a vital report, press release or legal document can be nearly impossible without an organized DAM platform.

Even if you find the right file, you may need to sort through hundreds of pages to find the data point you’re looking for. But Brandfolder’s In-Document Search feature helps you find exactly what you need quickly within a specific document. This is invaluable whether you’re looking for login credentials for an online account or an employee’s emergency contact information.

When you’re managing a crisis, it can be hard to remember to tag every file that you upload to a DAM platform. While that would ordinarily be a big problem, Brandfolder has you covered with logical, AI-powered Auto-Tagging. This feature ensures that critical content stays organized, even when you aren’t. And if you don’t like the automated tags, you can simply change them.

And if a particular file is mission-critical for your organization, keep it front and center where all stakeholders can easily find it with Pinned Searches.

Smarter notifications

Another issue with crisis communications is ensuring that all stakeholders have the MOST CURRENT information available. Just because you shared the latest developments with your CEO doesn’t mean she opened the file. You’d never know if a crucial Word doc or pdf was viewed—unless you shared it to an intelligent DAM platform.

Brandfolder employs a Notification Center that alerts users of updates to important files. But that’s not all. It also lets admins send on-demand push notifications to user groups. That means your most up-to-date crisis plan, media statements, and other crucial information are always in the right hands at the right time.

Safer social sharing

When your organization is on high alert, your social media profiles can come to a grinding halt. Every post must be vetted and triple checked before it’s published to avoid follower backlash. The approval process can easily get confusing via email, and downright dangerous by using automated social scheduling.

Luckily, you can Share to Social directly from your Brandfolder. That means all social posts can be approved by stakeholders and uploaded to a secure social folder for sharing. On top of sharing directly to your social accounts, Brandfolder integrates with strategic social platforms like Sprinklr, Spreadfast, and Sprout.

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