Smartsheet to Acquire Brandfolder Adding Content Management to Workflow Automation Offering


Have you seen the news? We’re all incredibly excited to announce that we’ll be joining forces with Smartsheet.

With this merger, we’re now able to offer our customers the best collaborative work management platform, Smartsheet, and the best digital asset management platform, Brandfolder, under one roof.

Brandfolder will continue to operate as a standalone product with no disruption of service or change to the product or customer experience. You’ll still get the same product and support you know and love; unless you’re a customer of Smartsheet AND Brandfolder, then you’re going to be getting something even more awesome. Stay tuned for details.

Over the last few years, we’ve built a product that our customers believe to be the best in the business. We’ve been laser focused on building the best digital asset management platform and, as a result, we’ve seen incredible growth made possible by the amazing brands we’ve been able to serve. By streamlining the creation, management, distribution, and analysis of digital assets, we’ve allowed our customers to focus on truly meaningful work.

“Combining collaboration, workflows, and content is core to our vision for dynamic work. When we talked to customers and looked at the content management landscape, it became clear that Brandfolder had built something special, and we’re thrilled to have them become part of the Smartsheet family. They have the top DAM in the space, a strong team, and proven success with their customers and partners. Our goal with this acquisition is to give Brandfolder access to the resources they need to execute more quickly on their strong roadmap. While we do plan to integrate Brandfolder’s content management capabilities with Smartsheet’s workflow and collaboration platform, Brandfolder will continue to be sold and supported as a standalone product.” – Gene Farrell, Chief Product Officer, Smartsheet

As every marketer and creative knows, the journey of a digital asset from inception to distribution can sometimes be lengthy and complex, spanning multiple departments, agencies, partners, and teams. To do amazing work and get it out into the world takes coordination and collaboration from all of these different people, and sometimes things can break down when you’re handing something off from one system to another.

To solve this problem, some workflow solutions have tried (and failed) to build their own DAMs, and some DAMs have attempted to build their own workflow capabilities, often to mediocre results.

At Brandfolder, we’ve always taken the stance that best-of-breed always beats all-in-one. Gartner agrees. Gartner’s survey shows that the majority of martech buyers prefer best-of-breed solutions and they get more out of their technology than their all-in-one using counterparts. 77% more best-of-breed buyers report that martech meets their needs compared to integrated suite buyers.

By merging with Smartsheet, a Leader in the Forrester Wave for Collaborative Work Management Tools for the Enterprise, we’re now in a position to offer our customers the best of both worlds: The best DAM, and the best work management under one roof, something both of our customers have been clamoring for.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing more information about our product integration and our plans to build something truly great for our customers.

Stay tuned, this is just the beginning.

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