Brandfolder Participates in Take Your Kids to Work Day


It’s National Take Your Kids to Work Day, now apparently known as National Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day, and Brandfolder is undoubtedly participating.

With more than 10 new “employees” running around, we put them to work right away. Their first project? Brainstorming and redesigning the Brandfolder logo. Take a peek at some of their designs in this public Brandfolder.

Siena drawing Brandfolder logo

And, we wouldn’t miss a chance at using one of our own product features. Using our smart embed CDN, we’ve updated the Brandfolder website with all of our amazing new logos in the header. It was as simple as uploading a high-quality GIF of the new logos into the Brandfolder logo asset modal and copying / pasting the logo’s CDN embed link into our website code. And, voilà! Our new, dynamic logos appear automatically on our website. See the logos in action here.

If you’re interested in learning more about our smart embed CDN and how it can benefit you beyond updating your internal websites, get a quote today. #dynamicbrands

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