July 2020 Media Mentions


Billy Kingsland penned a byline where he identified three factors that defines simplicity in communication now and always. Our co-CEO (and bike enthusiast) David Srere spoke to Adweek about the recent bike boom. Earlier this year, we interviewed 26 CMOs to assess how their priorities and tactics changed in light of COVID-19. Retail Reset interviewed  Brian Rafferty to learn what has changed over the last several months, and what marketers need to know now. Lea Chu and Aaron Hall spoke to The Washington Post and Media Post about The Washington Redskins rush to rename.


Simple communications are crucial now—and always

Ragan Communications – July 2, 2020


AMLO Celebrates Two Years Triumph with a Corn Flakes Logo?

Explica – July 5, 2020


Transform 2021 Celebrate Young Contenders in European Brand Industry

Transform – July 6, 2020


An Open Letter to a CEO – Considerations for Rebranding

Medium – July 7, 2020


These 3 Brands Adjusted Their Campaigns to Capitalize on the Bike Boom

Adweek – July 10, 2020


How Bike Brands are Navigating a Boom Fueled by COVID-19

Adweek – July 12, 2020


Bike Brands Navigate a Boom in Sales Fueled by Covid-19

July 12, 2020 –World’s Best News


Why Facebook’s User Agreement is Still Problematic

Digital Marketing News – July 11, 2020


Laying the Foundation for Business Bravery

Real Leaders – July 10, 2020


Washington Redskins to change name

MediaPost – July 13, 2020


Most Re-Brands Take Months. Washington’s NFL Team Only Has a Couple of Weeks

The Washington Post – July 14, 2020


Name Game Must Be Quick for Washington’s NFL Team

The Frederick News Post – July 15, 2020


Four Great Brand Examples from Recent Times

The Brandberries – July 16, 2020


Peugeot, FCA Will Be Called Stellantis after Merger

MediaPost – July 16, 2020


Dan Snyder Seems To Try Very Hard to Avoid Name Leaks

Clout – July 16, 2020


Future of Branding: Building Local Brand Leadership in Extraordinary Times

Brandberries – July 20, 2020


Using Marketing To Reaffirm Purpose And Value

Retail Reset / Retail TouchPoints – July 22, 2020


6 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience Design, Adoption & Growth

Customer Think – July 22, 2020


Electric Mobility – Leveraging Brand to Drive Adoption

Autovista Group’s Auto Mobility Live – July 28, 2020


Introducing SuperScript: What a Rebrand Means for an Insurance Business

Insurance Business UK – July 30, 2020

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