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Must Have Giveaways for Your 2020 Sporting Events


Do you handle the promotion of a sports team at the high
school, college or professional level? If so, are you ready to start your new year
marketing with a bang? Follow along to view the must have giveaways for your
next sporting event.  


If you are a
marketer for a professional sports team, then you know that your fans have high
expectations for not only game-day performance, but also giveaways. Each year
you consider how to be bigger and better than the previous year and how your
giveaways can stand out against the competition.

Custom Giveaways to WOW Your Fans

Is your team coming off of a World Series, Stanley Cup, Super Bowl or NBA Finals win? Incorporate a replica ring into your marketing plans for a giveaway this season! It’s just one way to make your fans feel a part of the team, most teams say they couldn’t have done it without their fans. Didn’t win it all during your last season? That’s okay, do you have a Babe Ruth, Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice or Michael Jordan calibre player on your team? Take their likeness and create a custom bobble head for them – it’s sure to be a fan favorite!  

High School & Collegiate

High School
and collegiate sporting events might not have the same budget as a professional
team, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t have fun with your promotional
giveaways this year! Pick a theme and run with it!

Theme: Whiteout

A popular –
and easy – theme to implement at any sporting event is a WHITE OUT. What is a
whiteout you may ask? Exactly what it sounds like. Everyone at the game
supporting your team should be dressed in head-to-toe white. Penn State is
known for their yearly whiteout football games. Zack Mills, Penn State’s
quarterback said, “There’s a certain energy you feel in the air
before the game and during the game, an intensity. Those types of games, it
just feels different from the second you get into that stadium.

Must Have Items for Your White Out Event:

  • White apparel with your team’s logo is a must.
    Sell them the week before the game to all your loyal fans.
  • Throw your fans white mini sport balls and get
  • Pass out all white pom poms & noise makers
    to all of your fans that will turn up the energy level to 11!

HALO is here to help anyone looking to excel in promotion with
their team this season. Whether you’ve got an idea for a theme or need specific
custom items, our in-house sourcing experts deliver unique, high-quality
products that are responsibly sourced and delivered on time at substantial

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